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Neografts hair tranplant

A full head of hair, both personally and professionally, indicates attractiveness and desire for many people. As a result, it’s critical to comprehend how a hair transplant process can affect your daily relationships with others and other parts of your life. Except for those you tell, hair transplants should be undetectable.

At Dr Martain Loonen we are offering the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure with the NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplantation. Individual hair follicles are removed from the scalp in their naturally occurring clusters of roughly 1-4 hairs and transplanted into areas of the scalp where baldness has developed using the FUE method of hair transplantation.

1 graft of hair cost

Why Is The NeoGraft Procedure The Best Option?

  • It is the least invasive hair transplant procedure.
  • Patients who have NeoGraft surgery have little to no pain afterwards.
  • In the NeoGraft treatment, no stitches or staples are needed.
  • There will be no unsightly linear scar.
  • Flexibility to wear your hair in any manner you like, whether it’s short or long.
  • Patients can usually return to work the next day after a shorter recuperation period.
  • You’ll have fewer limitations on your typical daily activities.
  • Results that appear to be natural

Why choose Dr Martain Loonen NeoGraft procedure

The NeoGraft system is the first and only FDA-approved technology for harvesting and implanting follicular units. The NeoGraft system automates the FUE process, which is the most advanced hair transplant technique available.

This ground-breaking device uses pneumatic controls to harvest whole individual hair follicles that may then be transplanted to specific locations of the scalp. The NeoGraft automated hair transplantation system is the only one on the market that includes a comprehensive harvesting system as well as ‘NO TOUCH’ implantation technology.

Hair transplant with NeoGraft technology ensures precise harvesting and placement, resulting in inconsistent results. Each follicle is extracted separately using NeoGraft’s technology while the patient remains relaxed. This minimally invasive treatment results in a natural-looking head of hair.

Hair loss can be a painful part of the natural ageing process, and finding techniques to slow it down used to be difficult. NeoGraft’s sophisticated technology provides a discrete solution to hair loss, allowing patients to achieve natural-looking outcomes with minimal downtime and recovery time. The NeoGraft process for hair replacement is virtually undetectable, allowing you to keep your secret.

Superior Results — Hair that looks more natural, whether short or long, for both men and women.

Advance technology — Hair transplantation with advanced technologies is the least intrusive surgery available.

Gentle – There should be little to no discomfort. There are no staples, no-scalpel incisions, and no linear scars.

Effective — There are fewer constraints on activities than with standard strip methods.

Discrete — Patients can usually return to work the next day.

Cost-effective — We offer programmes that are both affordable and tailored to your specific requirements.

What is the procedure of NeoGraft?

The NeoGraft procedure can be done in the office or in the operating room. The skin is injected with a topical anaesthetic. There is no need for general anaesthesia. Patients remain awake throughout the operation, however, they may be given a light sedative to help them relax because they will be lying down for several hours.

The NeoGraft device is used to gently harvest follicular units from a location at the back of the head after the donor site has been numb. Hair growth is dense at ideal donor sites. This step of treatment can take anywhere between 2 and 4 hours. Following the extraction of all follicular units, the patient may take a pause to eat, use the restroom, or simply relax.

The patient sits upright during the placement phase of treatment. The location where the follicular units will be implanted is anaesthetized in the same way as the donor site. After the scalp has been numbed, hair units are placed in an ideal pattern to fill in regions of thinning or baldness.

How long will NeoGraft's hair results last?

Hair grew properly in the native portion of the scalp after follicles were transplanted during NeoGraft treatment. These follicles should continue to grow in their usual cycles indefinitely.

Hair transplant treatment, on the other hand, does not stop hair loss. Patients are recommended to use growth-stimulating products as needed, and in certain situations, a touch-up NeoGraft session may be required

Is NeoGraft a painful experience?

Before the transplant operation, NeoGraft patients are given injections of a local anaesthetic. For the duration of the procedure, the scalp is numb.

Who would be an excellent NeoGraft candidate?

NeoGraft could be useful in the following situations:

  • Men and women who are concerned about hair thinning or loss want a non-invasive option with natural-looking results.
  • People who desire to be able to wear their hair short on the sides or back of their heads.
  • People who desire to get back to their normal routine as soon as feasible after a hair transplant procedure.

Price Of Neograft

Neograft FUE Hair Restoration: AED 16.850 ( up to 3000 Grafts)