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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty surgery is a procedure that reduces the size of
the breasts. Excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin are removed during breast
reduction surgery. You can get your breast reduced by Dr. Martian Loonen- the best plastic
surgeon in Dubai and boost your confidence.
Breast reduction brings your breasts into proportion with the rest of your body. The
procedure could alleviate the discomfort that comes with having huge breasts. Breast
reduction surgery in Dubai is quite popular among patients because it can relieve the
extreme pain caused by large breasts.

Benefits of breast reduction surgery

Back, neck, and shoulder pain can result from large breasts. Over time, this pain may get worse. Breast reduction surgery alleviates chronic pain. Breast reduction surgery takes the ‘weight off’ a woman’s body and helps maintain a good posture. Breast reduction surgery helps women feel more confident about their bodies by making their breasts more proportional to the rest of their bodies. Physical exertion can be challenging for women with large breasts, resulting in discomfort and even agony. There should be no reason why a woman can not participate in the sports and physical activity she enjoys. Reducing the size
of the breasts can allow women to lead a more active lifestyle.

Breast reduction Procedure

General anesthesia or intravenous sedation with local anesthesia are commonly used during breast reduction surgery. Your cosmetic surgeon will then remove extra breast tissue, fat, and skin, repositioning the nipple/areola complex to a higher, more forward position on the chest after making the incisions. Dissolvable sutures will be used to contour and seal the remaining breast tissue and skin. The areolas can also be reduced to a more proportionate size during the treatment.

Breast Reduction Options

There are different options for breast reduction surgery. You will be given general anesthesia in any situation, which means you will be put to “sleep” during the procedure. Breast reduction surgery usually takes 2 to 5 hours.

Depending on the form and size of your breasts, the amount of tissue that needs to be removed, and how you wish to look after surgery, your surgeon may use one of the following treatment operations:


The surgeon will make small cuts in your skin and place a thin tube into your breast attached to a vacuum that suctions fat and fluids out. This option is best for patients who only desire a small decrease in breast size, have good skin elasticity, and do not have drooping breasts.

There are many incision options available for breast reduction surgery. The procedure used is determined by the patient’s anatomy, the amount of tissue to be removed, and the patient’s unique wants and desired result. The donut, anchor, and lollipop are three of the most popular breast reduction incision procedures.

Types of incisions

Donut incision

This method necessitates two concentric incisions around the perimeter of the areola, as the name implies. Patients will only have one small scar, which the dark skin of the areola will partially disguise. The disadvantage is that it only allows limited access to the breast tissue. A small percentage of individuals with moderately enlarged breasts find the operation suitable.

Inverted T or Anchor Incision

This is a commonly used method for making more extensive alterations to the breasts. Tshaped incisions are made around the nipple, with a second incision extending vertically from the areola and another along the breast’s crease. Overhanging breast tissue and skin are surgically removed through an incision, and then the breasts are reshaped and uplifted for improved aesthetics. It is suitable for patients with significant sagging or asymmetry that needs to be addressed, as the anchor approach allows for most tissue to be removed. The main disadvantage of this method is that it leaves the most visible scars. Therefore, your surgeon may suggest a different procedure if scarring is a serious issue for you. 

Vertical or lollipop incision

This is an incision done around the areola’s rim and a second vertical incision that goes down from there to the breast’s bottom. Your surgeon will then do a procedure to remove extra fat and tissue and tighten the surrounding skin. If you have mild to moderately large breasts, this is an excellent alternative to the anchor approach. Due to the lack of control this provides, it is not a viable choice for women with exceptionally huge breasts.

Many patients prefer the vertical breast reduction treatment because of its less intrusive approach and long lasting results. As a result of its minimally invasive nature, it also has a faster time to recover.

Incision Best for You

It is our goal to help you choose the optimal breast reduction procedure based on your breast anatomy, reduction needs, and desired objectives during your initial consultation with our best cosmetic surgeon in Dubai.

Recovery after Breast Reduction Surgery

You will be able to return home the following day after completing a brief period of supervised recovery. Breast reduction results in Dubai are immediate as you will get reduced breasts right after the procedure. A surgical bra may be prescribed for your return to normal life if your chest has been bandaged during the procedure. A few days following your treatment, you should expect serious discomfort, and your surgeon will prescribe pain medicine to help you deal with it. Ice packs placed on top of bandages can also help relieve pain.

If you have undergone breast reduction surgery, the length of time it will take you to heal depends on your natural healing rate and the extent of the procedure. You should have a responsible adult accompany you for the first 24 hours after surgery so that you can get up and get moving around. Showering for the first few days following surgery is possible, but you may need assistance getting dressed because your chest and shoulders will be unable to move normally for the first few days.

One week after stopping prescription pain medication, most patients can drive and return to their routine. To guarantee that your incisions heal properly, your cosmetic surgeon will likely require that you wait 3 to 4 weeks before engaging in any exercise other than walking. After a breast reduction, it is critical that you follow your cosmetic surgeon’s instructions.


Breast reduction is permanent because the skin, fat, and tissues removed during the procedure are permanently removed and cannot grow back.

Breast reduction surgery reduces the overall size of a person’s breasts in a relatively safe and effective manner.

Cuts will be made around your areola and down to the crease beneath your breast, and the surgeon will remove excess tissue and fat, reshape the breast, and lift it. “Anchor” or inverted-T Cuts will be made around the areola’s edge, from the areola to the breast crease, and along the crease underneath the breast by the surgeon.

You’ll need between two and six weeks to fully recover, though you’ll notice a difference in strength and energy after about seven days.

According to 2020 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a breast reduction (for cosmetic purposes only) is $5,913.

You should be able to resume most exercise after about a month. At this point, full cardio workouts should be fine.