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Breast Lift

Breast lifts (also known as Mastopexy) are the most viable option for women who want to change the contour of their breasts through surgery and uplift their sagging breasts. Breasts sag due to various reasons including ageing, weight gain and smoking. Even pregnancy and breastfeeding may cause your breasts to sag. A breast lift involves removing extra skin and reshaping breast tissue to raise the breasts. When done by the best plastic surgeon in Dubai- Dr Martain Loonen, breast lIft can immensely boost one’s confidence A breast lift may be right for you if you have breast ptosis. Contact us for a breast lift in Dubai for long-lasting results, youthful appearance and better fitting clothes.

Breast Ptosis

Breast ptosis is also referred to as breast sagging by women. There are different levels and types of breast ptosis.

Grade 1 (mild ptosis):

In this level of breast ptosis, there is a minor amount of sagging of the breasts over the inframammary.

Grade 2 (mild to moderate ptosis):

Women with this level of breast ptosis will notice their nipple sags below the breast crease but above the lowest region of the breast.

Gradel 3 (severe ptosis):

The nipple and areola of a woman with severe ptosis will appear below the breast crease, below the lowest section of the breast, and pointing downward.


Sometimes, instead of drooping of the nipple and areola, women suffer sagging of the lower region of the breast. Women who have ceased breastfeeding are more likely to develop this kind of breast ptosis.

Mild ptosis, asymmetry:

This level of breast drooping refers to ladies whose breasts are naturally positioned lower on the chest, which is most typically due to a woman’s puberty development.

Breast Lift Techniques

Breast lift without Implants

Mastopexy can be performed without the use of breast implants. If you do not want implants, a breast lift can modify the native breast tissues like a small implant by removing extra skin and raising or moving the nipple-areolar complex.

Breast lift with implants

A breast lift with implants, or augmentation-mastopexy, is a treatment that can minimise drooping while enhancing breast volume and firmness for those who are eligible for the procedure.

Internal Bra technique

With the internal bra technique, your breast tissue and/or implants are supported from the inside out. In this procedure, Natural biologic tissue is attached to the same area on the breasts that a push-up bra ordinarily covers in order for it to work. Your breasts are supported by the anchored support provided by that biological tissue, which is attached to your chest wall. There is a period of a few weeks before the biological tissue is entirely absorbed into your natural tissue. Your skin is less prone to stretch and droop since the internal bra tissue and your chest wall bear the bulk of the weight of your breasts. This procedure helps in lifting and holding breast tissue or implants. The internal bra is a viable option to consider if you are contemplating breast augmentation. Adding this technique to your augmentation surgery ensures that your implants will be supported from the start. The benefits of this are reduced sagging and long-lasting results.


Several procedures are used by surgeons to produce a breast lift. The technique your doctor uses is determined by the size and form of your breasts, as well as the amount of lift you require.

In general, the surgery includes the following steps.

You will be given anaesthesia to help you relax and relieve pain. During the procedure, you will be sleeping.

Around the areola, the surgeon will make an incision (cut). The cut will normally go from the bottom of the areola to the crease on the front of your breast. It may also extend down the areola’s sides.

Then your breasts will be lifted and reshaped by the surgeon. Following that, the surgeon will reposition your areolas on the new breast shape and maybe decrease their size. To give your breasts a firmer appearance, the surgeon will remove any excess skin.

Finally, the cuts will be closed by the surgeon. Incisions are frequently made in areas of the breast where they will be less apparent.

Incision types

The Anchor Incision

If you have a lot of sagging in your breasts, your plastic surgeon is likely to propose an anchor incision for your breast lift. This incision consists of three parts: one around the areola, a horizontal incision at the bottom breast crease, and a vertical incision connecting the areola and breast crease incisions. The scar that results will resemble an upside-down “T” or an anchor, hence the name. This form of incision is especially beneficial for ladies who want to get a breast lift and a breast reduction at the same time.

The Lollipop Lift

If you just have mild breast sagging, an incision as intrusive as the anchor incision is generally unnecessary. Patients with moderate sagging can benefit from the lollipop lift instead. This type of breast lift involves making an incision around the areola, then vertically down the breast from the bottom of the areola to the top of the breast crease, giving the appearance of a lollipop.

The Donut Lift

Many ladies who have mild to severe sagging prefer the donut lift as a breast lift alternative. This is due to the fact that the only incision made is around the areola. This incision type also allows for the placement of breast implants,

The Crescent Lift

If you have a relatively small drooping in your breasts and are thinking about having a breast augmentation done at the same time, the crescent lift can be a good option for you. In this type of lift, the surgeon makes an incision across the upper half of the areola. Since this incision is so small, the patient’s breasts have the least amount of scarring.

Breast Lift Cost in Dubai

Breast Lift Surgery in Dubai costs between AED 18,000 and AED 30,000. According to your surgeon’s ability and the amount of fullness you desire, this figure may vary from person to person. Breast lift is an investment, so make sure you choose the best plastic surgeon in Dubai.


The breasts can be lifted to restore a more youthful and shapely appearance. Unless combined with breast augmentation surgery, a breast lift will not increase the size of your breasts. There are numerous advantages to having a breast lift that will help you gain confidence.

Wear the Correct Bra Size. For at least the first few weeks after your surgery, avoid wearing underwire bras.
Carefully select your tops…
Take Care When Bathing…. Sleep On Your Back.
Request the help of a family member or a friend to stay with you.
When it comes to physical activity, be cautious….

Breast lifts usually require three incisions. The first will encircle the areola, or dark skin surrounding the nipple. The second incision starts beneath the nipple and runs all the way down to the bottom of the breast. The final incision is made along the breast crease, which runs from the top to the bottom of the breast.