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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation oraugmentation mammoplasty is the procedure to reshape or make breasts larger. Breast Augmentation results in Dubai might improve your body image and self-esteem if you choose Dr Martain Loonen — the Best Cosmetic Surgeon in Dubai. There are two ways to perform Breast enhancement surgery: Breast augmentation via implants and Breast Augmentation via Fat Grafting.

Breast Augmentation via Implants


Before the surgery starts, there are a few important decisions to make that include implant types, filer, placement and shape.

Textured or smooth?

The first thing your surgeon will have to decide is whether to give you a textured implant or a smooth implant. The exterior shell of smooth implants is gleaming and slippery. The implant does not attach to the tissue surrounding the patient’s implant. Unlike smooth-surfaced implants, the surface of textured implants is rough and attaches to the surrounding tissue, preventing movement within the implant pocket.

Saline or Silicone

The next thing your surgeon will have to decide is whether you want your implants to be filled with saline or silicone. Silicone gel is a non-allergenic, non-sensitizing polymer with no documented allergies, sensitivities, or reactions in humans. The viscosity of silicone is higher than that of saline. It flows differently within its shell than saline and can often give the breast a more smooth appearance. A silicone outer shell is filled with a sterile saltwater (saline) solution and has the consistency of water. Saline-filled implants do not give the breasts that much of a natural appearance.

Round or teardrop?

Another thing your surgeon will have to choose is the implant’s shape. There are two options of breast shapes available. The options are Round implants or Teardrop implants. Round implants, as the name implies, are round or circular in shape. There are different sizes available for these implants. These implants also give your breasts greater lift and cleavage. Round implants give you a natural-looking teardrop shape and slanted appearance. Anatomical implants, which are oval in shape and have an appearance similar to a teardrop shape, are preferred by certain women. However, they use a more cohesive silicone gel that is harder than typical silicone implants. The textured casing of these implants is designed to prevent unintentional rotation.

Over the muscle or under the muscle placement?

Then your surgeon will have to decide where your breast implants should be placed. When a breast implant is placed subglandular, or “over the muscle,” it is on top of the patient’s muscles but underneath their skin, fat, and glandular tissue. Advantages of subglandular placement are that recovery after submuscular implantation is frequently less difficult. Also, because the chest muscles are unaffected, it does not cause any stiffness. In most cases, final results are reached in a matter of weeks. When a breast implant is placed Submuscular or ‘under the muscle’, it is placed beneath a person’s skin. For ladies with less native breast tissue, this is a viable option because the muscle provides more coverage. The outcomes are more natural-looking than breasts that are positioned over the muscle.

Steps of Breast Augmentation

The procedure of Breast augmentation has four steps,
  1. Anaesthesia
  2. Making an incision
  3. Placing the breast implant
  4. Closing the
incisionsHowever, there are different types of procedures for Breast Augmentation in Dubai described below.

Sub-pectoral or inframammary fold procedure

An incision is made in the fold beneath the breast for the sub-pectoral or inframammary fold operation. An inframammary incision leaves a tiny scar that is usually only 1-2 inches long. The incision is also placed in such a way that it has minimal impact on the breast’s milk-producing regions. We can even go back in through the same incision if difficulties emerge or more procedures are required. For moms or elderly people, inframammary fold incisions are the most effective. The scar from labour and ageing is usually hidden by the breast contour.

Periareolar Procedure

An incision is made around the nipple-areolar complex in a periareolar breast implant. In simple words, A periareolar incision is a surgical incision made between the breast and the nipple. The cuts are made in a circle that is filled with a thin layer of silicone (typically 3 mm thick). The scar disappears into the areola’s edge as a result of this. The incision is near the “milk-production” portion of the breast/ This procedure is mostly opted for by women with smaller breasts who do not have a fold under their breasts.

Transaxillary Procedure

When a woman has a transaxillary breast augmentation, an incision is made beneath her armpit. To assist them in completing the procedure, some surgeons will use an endoscope, which is a miniature fibre-optic camera. The breast implant is then put into the breast tissue through the incision. The transaxillary incision is popular among women because it leaves no visible scarring on the nipple. The scar in the underarm is also hidden with a transaxillary breast augmentation.

Trans Umbilical Breast Augmentation (TUBA) Procedure

In TUBA An incision is made through the belly button. An endoscope is tunnelled through the incision to a pocket beneath the breast. Then, the implant is placed through the incision. Only subglandular saline implants can be treated with TUBA. . Surgeons may have to tunnel under one of the muscles during the procedure. If difficulties arise or additional procedures are required, our Best Plastic Surgeon in Dubai will make an additional incision closer to the breast.

Breast Augmentation via Fat Grafting

As an alternative to breast enlargement via breast implants, Dr Martian Lonnen also performs breast augmentation via fat grafting. Instead of using silicone or saline implants, this procedure augments and lifts the breasts using fat taken from the patient. Fat is removed from different parts of your body (hips, belly, etc) through Liposuction and then injected into your breasts. With minimal incisions and low scarring, fat grafting can produce natural, long-lasting results.

What is the Cost of Breast Augmentation surgery?

The breast augmentation cost in Dubai is between AED 18,000 and AED 30,000. This value varies from person to person depending on the desired fullness and the surgeon’s abilities. Know that the exact cost is only quoted after initial diagnosis. Make sure you choose the Best Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Dubai. Also, ensure that you read Breast Augmentation reviews in Dubai before finalising your surgeon.

Is Breast Augmentation Surgery painful?

The procedure does not cause as much pain as one might imagine. In fact, recovery pain can be alleviated by painkillers. Of course, there are t other things that influence how much pain you feel after your breast augmentation. Your pain tolerance is the first consideration. Some people have higher pain tolerance, meaning they can handle discomfort better, whilst others have a lower pain threshold, meaning they are more sensitive to pain.


In this procedure, your plastic surgeon extracts fat from your body parts either belly , thighs or hips via liposuction
and after that transfers into your breast. This procedure is ideal for patients who want to achieve some volume , cleavage
and in general enhance their confidence. 70 to 85 percent of fat cells survive after the procedure, this figure may vary.
It is important that you follow your plastic surgeons post operative instructions very carefully to make sure the best possible chance for cells
to survive.

This includes sleeping at your back for sometime as per your Plastic Surgeon post op instruction.
After sometime the transferred fat cells will establish into the Breast Pockets with new blood vessels
You will see the significant result once the healing is done after Breast Augmentation via Fat Transfer

Patients who lose their weight after this procedure may experience a decrease in breast size, which
won’t mean that fat cells die, similarly if a patient gains weight after this procedure she will experience
increase in her breast size. So, it is the reason that if anyone wants to do this procedure which is breast augmentation
via fat transfer. She will have to attain a healthy and stable weight.

It is also ideal for patients who are considering Breast Augmentation with fat transfer to complete their
family first because pregnancy , breast feeding may compromise the results.

With a good post operative care , a stable maintained weight and healthy intake patients can have the results of
this fat transfer to breast procedure for many years

It is one the commonly asked questions from a breast augmentation potential
candidate that how soon she can fly.

You should at least fly after 2 weeks of your surgery, if very necessary.
The more you rest the more quickly you are going to recover.

Travelling will depend on the patient’s body tolerance level , healing capacity
and detail of your trip but 2 weeks is advisable

Most people travel with heavy luggage which is not a good sign for a patient
who just had a Boob Job. Lifting a weight after any surgery is not recommended
Places like Airports are always busy and crowded. No one seems to care what
you just had recently. Inbody can bump into you or their luggage which may create
discomfort for you

You should discuss your travel plan with your plastic surgeon for sure

We ask our patients to wait until your first post operative visit
before you start massaging your breast after breast augmentation
via fat transfer. By pressing the breast soon you may increase the chance
of bleeding and soreness.

If you’re used to of getting back massages at any spa
You’re probably wondering when you can go back on table to get the massage

It is extremely crucial you should not be laying on your breast and stomach for more
than few minutes, so you have to avoid your massage activity until your Plastic surgeon
allow you to

Dr Martain Loonen avoiding having back massage for at least 6 weeks

Your plastic Surgeon will advise you to wear a special surgical or sports bra for sometime
after your breast augmentation surgery.

Patients are used to provided this special surgical Bra in their surgery package

A normal wire type bra can easily rub the newly made wound or scar which is usually
placed under the fold of your breast after the breast augmentation

A sports bra can help achieve gentle results and will also help in settling your swelling

Dr Martain Loonen suggests his patients to wear this surgical bra for at least 6 to 8 weeks

Very Initial recovery from Breast Augmentation is very short lasting 6 to 10 Days
During this timeline discomfort , welling , itching and some pain is expected.

Depending your on your unique body. Your plastic surgeon may advise your some
antibiotics or painkillers which most womens used to discontinue barely after 8 days of
Breast Augmentation.

You have to take rest in the first 2 weeks of your breast augmentation procedure
as part . A short walk is recommended

Some pain and tenderness may last till two or three weeks following a breast augmentation
particularly around your incisions

Tightness of Breasts usually subsidized with swelling which may takes 4 weeks.

Dr Martain Loonen will give you a proper post operative plan to help you recover with lesser
pain during recovery

Getting a good sleep in your first weeks is hard, especially if you’re a tosser
and turner during sleep

This is also the most commonly asked question among breast augmentation patients
since you won’t be able to do and allow for physical activity. So, resting and sleeping
will be a major factor in your recovery

You can sleep on your side after 3 weeks of your breast augmentation procedure
but sleeping on your breast and stomach is not allowed

You have to sleep on your back for as much as possible time

Dr Martain Loonen will advise you how you can get a good sleep after your breast
augmentation with him. He will advise you to sleep with some support under your breasts
This will allow your incisions to help quickly

Patients who are considering breast augmentation
should know that pregnancy and breastfeeding can affect
their procedure results in first place

The good news for patients is that they can still breastfeed after
breast augmentation as this surgery doesn’t usually involves the ducts and areas
that are involved in milk production and supply.

The incision around the areola may affect sensation of the nipple and interfere
with the signals needed for letdown reflex which can also affect milk supply in
some cases

Dr Martian Loonen will guide you about Breast Augmentation procedure and will guide you
about Breastfeeding factor