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Hair restoration methods have been attempted by men and women for decades in order to restore a natural appearance. Hair transplantation is now a highly effective and permanent treatment for men and women suffering from hair loss, thanks to recent breakthrough advances.
There is no better option than hair transplant, it is the only method that has been scientifically proved to permanently restore hair to thinning or bald areas of the scalp. Today’s hair transplants, when done correctly, are nearly comparable to one’s own natural hair.
Dr Martain Loonen hair transplant treatment in Dubai is facilitating people to help them get their charm back. Experienced surgeons have trained in the most up-to-date hair stem micro transplant and organic hair transplant procedures, resulting in genuinely amazing results. Our specialists can answer your questions and help you determine if hair transplant hairstyles is a good treatment choice for naturally and permanently repairing your hair.
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Best Hair Transplant Treatment in Dubai
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Dr. Martain Loonen Hair Transplant Treatment

No need to hide it anymore!

You don’t have to suffer from male pattern baldness or wear a hat to disguise your thinning hair. We offer advantages over centres that offer Best hair transplant treatment in Dubai as one of the nations top hair restoration clinics. And, as many of the top for hair transplant surgeons know, when you focus on just one approach, your results improve and become more consistent. Do one thing and do it well, we say. With follicular unit extraction FUE hair restoration surgery, we can help you regrow your hair.

Best Hair transplant treatment at Dr Martain Loonen in Dubai

Our team, which has done hundreds of successful hair transplant surgeries in Dubai, provides all patients seeking honest and straightforward assistance with a full consultation. Our team is committed to excellence, quality control, and a world-class standard of care.
Our experts employ a complete approach to assess the hair and scalp condition from all angles utilising innovative technology and state-of-the-art devices in order to prescribe the procedure for you and assure natural results fit for your age, profession, and personality.
Our highly skilled team of doctors and technicians will then respond to all of your inquiries and direct you to the best accessible solution for hair transplant for hair thinning. They will also be there for you throughout your hair transplant experience, answering all of your questions and concerns as well as monitoring explaining to you that there is no better option than a hair transplant.

Does hair transplant last longer?

Many people are concerned about the longevity of Best hair transplant treatment in Dubai outcomes. These insights, on the other hand, are treasured by as many people as possible for the rest of their lives. Hair follicles are intentionally transferred from the donor region to the scalp during the operation.
The transplants are approved by the scalp, and the transplanted hair blends in with the remaining hair. Each transplanted hair follicle is responsible for the growth of new hair. This hair, like the hair around it, is going through the usual growing process.
People may require more than one hair transplant treatment over time. This is a common problem for those with pattern baldness. If the hair transplant was done more than a decade ago, a good care regimen will keep it in good shape. In a few months, you’ll see more than excellent results as your hair grows long and balanced. It also relies on the hair transplant clinic in Dubai that you choose.


For these types of lesions, it is recommended that you apply a hot compress to the affected area several times a day until the lesion diminishes and vanishes or develops into a more pimple-like lesion, at which point you can use the first strategy to treat it.
If you want a more natural appearance, a hair transplant is your best bet. Unlike wigs, the maintenance burden is reduced because transplanted hair is cared for in the same way as natural hair.
Before starting a hair transplant, you won’t have to shave your entire head. Only a section of the back of your scalp will be shaved to make it easier to harvest healthy hair follicles. You can, however, hide the shaved areas with your natural hair.
When your hair starts to come back two months following the surgery, you will notice the initial results. This is not a wig or the hair of anyone else. There’s no reason why your natural hair transplanted from your donor location should look strange.
Faster density, less catagen loss of transplanted hair, early skin recovery, faster development of new anagen hair in FUE transplant clients, and activation of existing dormant follicles are all benefits of intra-operative injectable PRP therapy.
It’s crucial to know that numbness is typical after the hair transplant surgery and isn’t something to be concerned about. It’s very definitely only temporary, and it’ll go away within a week of surgery.
The cost of a hair transplant varies greatly depending on the amount of hair being transplanted, but it typically ranges from $4,000 to $15,000. It is not covered by most insurance plans. Transplants, like any other type of surgery, carry inherent hazards, such as bleeding and infection.