Dr. Martain Loonen


Dr. Martain Loonen

Consultant Plastic Surgeon & Medical Director

Dr. Martain is one of the well-known and experienced Board-Certified Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Hair Transplant experts across Europe, with 14 years’ experience in the field. He has extensive experience in plastic, reconstructive, cosmetic, and hand surgery. He has additional expertise in post-bariatric surgery, hair restoration surgery, burn management, and medical management. He has experience in 3D surgical simulation and planning. He is involved in the development of new cartilage regenerative surgical treatments.

Dr. Martain holds a Doctoral Degree in Plastic Surgery and has achieved his degree with outstanding honors as the youngest Ph.D. candidate to have attained that distinction at his Alma Mater, the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Why Choose Dr. MArtain


Why Choose Dr. MArtain

Dr. Martain articles have been published in prestigious international journals such as Plastic and Reconstruction Surgery and the Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery and is an invited peer reviewer for the American Journal of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, British Journal of Medicine and Medical Research and the International Blood Research and Reviews.

His published work was cited over 400 times in the international scientific literature and published a new breast reduction surgical technique.

He is an editorial board member for 16 international surgical and non-surgical journals.

He is nominated for the Top 100 World Healthcare Leaders Award 2019.


  • Cosmetic Surgery.
  • Reconstructive and Dermatologic Surgery.
  • Hair Restoration Surgery.
  • Post-Bariatric Plastic Surgery.
  • Hand Surgery.


  • Medical Degree, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • PhD in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands.
  • Fellow of the Collegium Chirurgicum Plasticum of the Board of Plastic Surgeons of Belgium.
  • Member of the Belgian Society of Plastic Surgeons.


  • Dutch.
  • English.
  • French.